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Ancient pot

October 19, 2012

Ancient pot

The ancient pot lies broken
Beneath the bench in the garage
Ancient is relative, of course.
A hundred years ago
The blue green pot sat
Ensconced in a little used front room
Of an Iowa farmhouse
Collecting dust, deer antlers, sea shells.

Rescued from auction
It moved to South Dakota
And back to Iowa
To the space once occupied
By the pot,
To the house where
Death had come
And would come again.

But before death could enter
The pot was given
To a generation twice removed
And brought to Colorado.
A well traveled pot
Now ancient, fragile.

Set outside
In semi-arid climate
Where cold and heat come
In unpredictable waves
Frozen water expands
When ceramic does not.

A broken ancient pot
Now lies beneath the bench–
Too precious, too ancient,
To be shards in some future
Archaeologal dig
And impossible
For human hands to piece together.

I too am an ancient pot
Molded from time immemorial
From ancient clay
I too have traveled
From place to place to place
Residing here and there.

Now the strains and stresses
Take their toll
And soon (how soon?)
I will lie broken beneath
my maker’s bench
And wait for resurrection.

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Brother and sister

October 17, 2012

Brother and sister

Ezra loves his little sister, Elia, is concerned when she cries, and doesn’t seem jealous. He was good with his brother, Liam, too.

Elia Marie

October 10, 2012

Elia Marie

Our newest grandchild. Born October 9 to Ahna and Oren Bersagel-Briese. Weight: 7 lbs. 1 oz. Length: 20 inches. All doing well. We’re grateful to God for this miracle of life and hope to hold her soon.