Put your hand in the hand of the one

This noon we celebrated Mary Jo’s birthday with Kari and her family.  Afterward we took the two granddaughters to a nearby park.  Nora is 6 and Matea is 18 months.  On the way home Matea insisted on walking home instead of riding in her stroller.   She’s feeling pretty big and important and independent these days.  Maybe she thinks she’s six sometimes.  As we walked down the sidewalk, a car came by occasionally and startled her.  That’s when she grabbed my finger and held on until the car passed.  Occasionally she also wanted to be lifted up and carried.  She had no shame about that.  She simply trusted me.  That felt really good.

I thought of how often I start to think how big and important and independent I am.  Scary times, scary moments come along in my life.  I’m not as smart as Matea is.  I know God’s hand is there.  I know that finger is available, those arms willing to lift me up.  But in my independence and importance i ignore that hand.  I forget that it must feel good to God too when I recognise that I’m dependent always on God’s presence.  Does it feel good to God  when I reach out and ask for that hand, ask to be held?  If Matea’s hand holding my finger feels good, I can imagine my little fingers feeling pretty good around God’s big one.

Doesn’t it often take a child to teach us faith.

2 Responses to “Put your hand in the hand of the one”

  1. charles abernethy Says:

    This is absolutely precious and so-o-o appropriate for us today! I just wish(pray) that it will come to mind when it’s needed. CDA

  2. Lynette Ender Says:

    What a sweet moment to share with us. I found a moment like that recently in the strawberry patch. On my knees, I realized it was a perfect time to reach out to God with all of my concerns. Yes it feels pretty good to know God is always ready to hold my hand. Thanks for writing.

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