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Put your hand in the hand of the one

June 27, 2012

This noon we celebrated Mary Jo’s birthday with Kari and her family.  Afterward we took the two granddaughters to a nearby park.  Nora is 6 and Matea is 18 months.  On the way home Matea insisted on walking home instead of riding in her stroller.   She’s feeling pretty big and important and independent these days.  Maybe she thinks she’s six sometimes.  As we walked down the sidewalk, a car came by occasionally and startled her.  That’s when she grabbed my finger and held on until the car passed.  Occasionally she also wanted to be lifted up and carried.  She had no shame about that.  She simply trusted me.  That felt really good.

I thought of how often I start to think how big and important and independent I am.  Scary times, scary moments come along in my life.  I’m not as smart as Matea is.  I know God’s hand is there.  I know that finger is available, those arms willing to lift me up.  But in my independence and importance i ignore that hand.  I forget that it must feel good to God too when I recognise that I’m dependent always on God’s presence.  Does it feel good to God  when I reach out and ask for that hand, ask to be held?  If Matea’s hand holding my finger feels good, I can imagine my little fingers feeling pretty good around God’s big one.

Doesn’t it often take a child to teach us faith.


June 5, 2012

A few weeks ago a friend came across the plans for a salad table and salad boxes.  The idea was to have a 5×3 box on legs filled with dirt and growing mostly greens.  For those needing smaller spaces, some 3×2 boxes would do the same.  He invited me to build them with him.  We ended up building two tables–one for him and one for my daughter–and four boxes–two for me, one for them and one for his daughter.

We finally finished them and a few days ago, I got to plant mine.  It’s mostly salad greens–lettuce, arugula, spinach, etc.–and a few herbs.  I’m like every little kid when it comes to planting.  I go out the next morning to see if anything is growing yet.  I’m disappointed when it isn’t.  Waiting is hard work.

Yesterday finally brought the reward.  The Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce has defined it’s row.  The tiny green plants have pushed through the soil and are growing.  This morning I can see another row beginning.  It’s actually GROWING!

There’s something so hopeful about those little plants.  Tiny seeds buried in the soil and watered come alive as the dirt warms.  What once seemed dead is now alive.  It feels miraculous to me every year when this happens.   I suppose it is miraculous.  God is at work providing for God’s good creation.  God is at work protecting what God loves so dearly.  This is what God does.  I get to join in that work and experience some of the joy that God must have when something grows.

Can I grow?  Can God work new life in me?  Can I see that growth?  I trust that it is so.

Prayer:  God, plant me deep in your nurturing love that I may grow.  Amen.