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April 30, 2012

We just got back from visiting our grandsons. The oldest was in a fourth and fifth grade production of the musical “Annie”.  He played Daddy Warbucks.  The whole school did a wonderful job and he did too.  Now I’ve got “It’s a Hard Knock Life”  “Easy Street” and especially “The Sun will come out tomorrow” running thorugh my head.    Annie sings it and then Daddy Warbucks too..  Annie is an optimistic girl who believes her parents will come back to the orphanage where they left her 11 years before..  That hope is dashed, but her dream comes true for a family as Daddy Warbucks prepares to adopt her. It’s a neat story with cute kids and a dog and a happy ending.  Who could ask for anything more.

Is there a difference between optimism and hope?  Somehow hope seems deeper and more needed.  There are days in which I am pessimisstic about a particular outcome, but I continue to hope.  Optimism, especially sunny optimism can be only surface deep, while hope goes to the heart.  Hope outlasts optimism.

This is the season of hope.  Spring returns hope as the earth returns to life.  Even more in this Easter season hope is as deep as a grave and and as wide as the promises of God. In the face of all life”s struggles and endings, we live with hope.

On April 30 I (Dave) was baptized at Strand Lutheran Church, Dunbar, Iowa.  That event is a source of hope.  My parents, sponsors and a congregation were there and saw it happen.  Here God gave a visible sign of the invisible reality of God’s love for me throughout my life and even through my death.  My hope is founded on those God promises and on the God who makes them.  No better hope than that.

Now that Easter is over

April 10, 2012

“Now that Easter is over…”  was the tag line in a department store advertisement several years ago.  Is Easter really over?  Yes, the trumpets are put away.  We will see a lot fewer  worshipers next Sunday.  The lilies are already starting to lose their blooms.  At our house the Easter visitors from South Dakota have gone home and it’s very quiet again. The dyed eggs are still in the refrigerator and a little of the candy is still around.  The toys are still a bit scattered.  The laundry needs doing. 

Is Easter really over?  Is it all back to ho-um, daily life?  The preacher I heard on Sunday reminded us that Easter is not so much about the life to come or even about an event 2000 years ago as it is about here and now.  Easter is God’s “yes” to life here and now.  Jesus continues to live in us as we join God in God’s work in the world.  Easter continues as God’s “yes” frees us from the power of sin and death to live the abundant life God wants for us.

Let today be an Easter day, and tomorrow too.  Alleluia!