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February 3, 2012


To those few souls who have continued to check the blog, my apologies for neglecting it and my thanks for your continued interest.  I’d promise to do better, but….

January was a busy month.  I had the chance to babysit for my youngest grandchild for a couple of hours three days a week while her mother took some yoga sessions.  It’s marvelous to have the chance to watch a little one develop.  So much changes in these first couple of years.  She has become a little person and is a joy (as is her sister by the way)

Our family wasn’t together for Christmas but happened to have the chance for a gathering over the long King  weekend.  It’s great to have everyone together and to just celebrate family ties.  A lovely and loving group of people.

In my retirement I’ve been able to choose where I continue to be involved in the life of the church.  I’ve been a supply preacher for a pastor who’s spending a couple of weeks where it’s warm, led a couple of Bible Studies, work with a group of 7th grade boys in a confirmation program, and will fill in in February  in a series of nursing home services for another pastor who is someplace warm.  (It’s a good thing it’s been warm here too, or I would have been jealous of them.)  It’s enough.

Mary Jo and I have joined the Choral Union Choir at UWL and will sing Mozaart’s Requiem in May.  It’s fun to be back in that choir situation. We sang together in a college choir so it’s a trip down memory lane for us.  The choir has about a hundred voices and a pretty good sound even though many of us are older.

Mary Jo keeps her teaching schedule.  That work still is fulfilling for her as she helps children learn not only music skills but also life skills.  It would be easy in the current political climate for the teaching profession to feel devalued.  Despite those feelings she and the others at her school continue to help children become the persons they were meant to be.  Hurray for teachers.

We miss our time and the folks at Our Savior’s, but God is using us yet in some interesting ways.  We give thanks for that.


We’re reading from the Gospel of Mark on the Sundays of 2012.  It’s year B in the lectionary.  Each time I preach, I look at the reading from the viewpoint of Mark who sees the power of God loose in the world in Jesus and especially in Jesus words that transform.  People notice that Jesus word’s have power.  (“Even the unclean spirits obey him!!!”)   We’ll see Jesus use that word power over evil, disease, nature, even death. 

The words of Jesus are still powerful for us. We listen to these words Jesus speaks.  We discover they are for us too.  Evil doesn’t have final control in our lives.  Disease is not the last word to us.  Even death cannot silence Jesus word of healing and help and hope.  God is loose in the world even now.  The world isn’t descending into chaos, but God is at work redeeming the world, transforming lives, making people whole.  We go with God as we join God in breaking down walls, offering help and hope, and letting the power of God work through us.  Praise God!!!