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Moving on

March 28, 2011

This last week I finished with cleaning out the office at church.  It was pleasant to go through some things that went back quite a few years.  I found a lot of good memories among the files.  I was pleased to discover also that I had a pretty good handle on organizing my files. Unfortunately I found that like some other people, papers in a file drawer can be forgotten.  I do better with things left on the desk.  Most of the time I could find things more easily there.

I appreciated that office very much.  It’s a nice size and the desk can be used to meet comfortably with a couple of people. It was close to the secretary’s office, the copy machine, and the Gathering Area.  I’m sure it will be a good place for Pastor Rog to do ministry and for others in the years to come.  If  you are an Our Savior’s reader of this blog, thanks for a great office space.  I will miss the place I went to almost every day for 20 years.

Mary Jo has been back at Bangor Elementary for two weeks now.  She’s enjoying being with the staff and students.  They give her energy and bring joy to her days.  She does miss being the music director at Our Savior’s.  Leading the music in worship, working with each music group and being part of that church family over the past 23 years has been an extremely important and special part of her life.   She is really missing everyone.

THOUGHTS TOWARD SUNDAY–I’m not preaching these days, but still read the readings for Sunday noticing things each time that I hadn’t noticed before.

In this Sunday’s gospel Jesus was also “on the move.”   Jesus travels through Samaria, stops for a rest at a well outside of Sychar and encounters a woman there. That Jesus talks to her at all is amazing both to disciples and to first readers of this gospel. It’s a long story with many layers.

What I noticed in reading it today was that the “woman left her jar at the well and returned to the city.”  She had come to the well to fill her water jar.  What she heard from Jesus was so compelling that she left behind this daily and necessary task to share the good news she heard of the new life, the new connection God was making to the world through Jesus.  She simply went back to her neighbors and shared her experience.

Later in this reading Jesus will note with his followers how “the fields are white unto harvest, but the laborers are few.”  Ordinary people are asked to lay down their “dailies” to simply share with others their experience with a loving God.  I’m reminded again how I  need to open my eyes and ears to the places where Jesus encounters me (and Jesus does so daily), so that I too have something to share.


March 5, 2011

Mary Jo had heart imaging and oncology appointments this week.  The heart imaging numbers stayed the same as 6 weeks ago which means that the damage the heart received after the November treatment didn’t repair itself.   She won’t continue with the Herceptin treatments.  We were pleased to learn today that she had already had 10 of the 12 treatments, so she has most of the benefits of the Herceptin.  She will continue on her Tamoxifin which has proven effective for many years.  She had a clear mammogram this week as well.  So all the signs are  hopeful for many years of cancer free life. She’ll see the oncologist again in three months.  Mary Jo looks forward to teaching again next week in Bangor.

This has been another emotional week for us as we try to adjust to retirement.  We ask for your continued prayers as we make this transition.

Retirement Day 1

March 2, 2011

Well, sort of retirement anyway.  Loose ends to tie up, a few to say good-bye to because we’ve been in Colorado.   There’s an office full of 23 years of stuff to clean out and a household to move, but all in due time.   Mary Jo will go back to teaching next week so we’ll do our moving in-between.

In the meantime though, thanks to everyone from Our Savior’s who reads this.  It was a wonderful time of worship.  Thanks to all the musicians who took part in three service and thanks to all of you who came and shared in that time.  And also to the committee who put together just a great celebration on Sunday afternoon.  Who knew there was such talent as the “Our Savior’s Church Basement Ladies.”  Fantastic Fun.  We laughed and laughed.  And thank you very much to Our Savior’s for the very generous gift.  We are too overwhelmed yet to figure out how we might use it.  We want that to be as memorable as our time with the people of Our Savior’s.  We feel doubly blessed by our 23 years and the wonderful ending we were given.  We certainly “Go with God.”

With all that’s happened in the last 10 days, we’re still more than a little numb, but God is good all the time.