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Herceptin or not

January 21, 2011

For those of you who are wondering about the medical conditions in our family, here is an update.

Mary Jo had her heart function tested again this week.  The numbers came out about where they were a month ago.  That means that they were below what they need to be for her to have another dose of herceptin.  That was disappointing as she is trying to do all that she can to weather the cancer.  The doctors have asked her to come back for another heart function test in 4-6 weeks.  If the heart has improved, she may have another treatment then.

In other family news, Matea had the cataract successfully removed from her eye yesterday.  A pediatatric ophthalmologist  did the surgery at Mayo in Rochester.  They also had to remove some plaque from the lens. She’ll be fitted for a contact lens next week.  We had the good fortune to have the opportunity to care for her sister Nora for a few days during this time.

As far as Liam goes, here’s the latest from Ahna and Oren’s blog:

“Liam’s medical condition…the more they stay the same, the more things change. With a prognosis like he has received, there really isn’t going to be any change to the diagnosis of injury. The daily stuff, however, continues to be of great concern and we are now officially worried about the direction that things have headed. His heart rate is still all over the place – at times in the 60s and at times in excess of 160. His breathing follows similar pattern – at times as low as 10 and at times in excess of 50 breathes per minute; and we have even increased one of the medications is was on for seizures. Being all over the place is placing us in a constant state of concern, and while there are moments that things are more stable than others, it’s still quite a ride. There are no two ways around the elephant in the room: Liam has a massive brain injury and he is very sick. We are just trying to sort through the rough and make the best of the calm.”

Thank you for your continued prayers and support.

From Colorado

January 10, 2011

We continue to stay in Castle Rock, Colorado.  Most days we are able to visit Liam, Oren and Ahna at the hospital.  He continues in critical condition with severe brain damage.  Ahna and Oren have spent most of every day and night with him in the hospital.  We are very proud of the way they are handling this difficult time.

We’ve been privileged  to share caretaking responsibilities for Ezra with his other grandparents.  He is a joy and delight as we interact with him and just have the opportunity to be around him.  He is definitely two as he asserts his growing independence.  Ahna and Oren have done a great job of finding some time to spend with him each day.  We are glad for that.

Our plans change from day to day as things here change.  Thanks for your continued thoughts and prayers.  Thanks also to all the folks at Our Savior’s who help things go smoothly while we’re gone.

Update on Liam

January 4, 2011

Thanks for all the prayers and support.  We appreciate them very much.   Liam’s situation hasn’t changed much since our last post.  He is stable on his medications but continues to be critical.

We continue to support Ahna and Oren however we can as they go though this very difficult time. Our  plan is to stay through this week to help care for their son Ezra and to be with them.  Ezra brings  joy to us all as we go through this journey together.

We’ve had a chance to bond with Liam as we visit him at the hospital.  We’ve gotten  to hold him, sing to him, pray with him and just  be with him.   He’s a beautiful baby.  We continue to ask for your prayers for him and all of us.