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An Advent wait

November 27, 2010

The news this time is about waiting.  We’re waiting for the arrival of two grandchildren.  Kari has been in the hospital for two weeks on some bedrest.  She’s able to be up and about, but the doctor wants her close by the delivery room as she has a higher risk pregnancy.  They want her to get to 36 weeks with her pregnancy which is December 1.  After that they’ll see when the baby should be born.  Kari is here in La Crosse.

We’ve been glad to be part of the team that is helping take care of Nora for them as Matthew works.  Matthew’s mother Connie is retired and so has been available.  We’ve taken our turns as we can.  It’s our privilege to help out.

Ahna is due December 17 in Colorado.  So far her pregnancy seems to have gone fairly normally. She’s hoping for a regular delivery, but may have a C-section as she did before with Ezra.

As many of you know, waiting isn’t easy, but it is required.  And so we wait with hope and faith.