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Living instead of blogging

September 17, 2010

If you’ve been looking for updates on the blog, the truth is that we’ve been so busy living that we haven’t taken time for blogging.  We’ve had a busy summer with family visits and our daughter Kari and family moving here.  That family includes a four year old, and she and Mary Jo are joined at the hip when they are together.  It’s beautiful and wonderful.

Mary Jo is back teaching.  Mary Jo has taught 60% of the week for most of her time at Bangor. This meant a schedule of some long days and some short ones.  Her principal was able to even out her hours over the 5 days, so most of them are the same length.  She also had  more breaks built into the day which has also been helpful. It’s good for her to be back with the kids who energize her, but she also finds that she tires easily more easily than before.  Even short days can seem long.  She’s  directing the senior choir again  and will help a group of high school students get ready for a church music festival in the Twin Cities in November.

On the health front Mary Jo is continuing her Herceptin treatments every three weeks.  She tolerates them pretty well, but has a couple of days of not feeling the best. Tamoxifen, taken each day, also is part of her cancer treatment.  Blood tests continue to look good though probably just a touch below “normal.”  She had her annual mammogram  at the end of August and that came back normal.  We’re thankful for that.  It also turned out to be time for her colonoscopy at the end of August.  She had that procedure on a Tuesday and then started teaching the next day.  A small polyp was removed, but otherwise things looked good.  So we’re in the cautiously optimistic frame of mind.

We’ve been talking lately about how grateful we are that God has given us family and good friends throughout this year.  We know your thoughts and prayers have given us strength for this journey.  Thanks for your many cards and calls and expressions of concern throughout the year.  As we go into this second year, we continue to rest on God’s goodness and your loving support. We are richly blessed.