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Good ol’ summertime

July 6, 2010

It’s been a couple of weeks since we’ve updated.  Thanks for continuing to check in on Mary Jo’s progress.  And it apparently is progress.  She’s had a couple more of the Herceptin (biotherapy treatments) and tolerated them well.  There’s probably a little not feeling so good for a day or two, but feels good a lot of the time.  Those will continue until next spring every three weeks or so.  Hormone therapy(Tamoxifin) also seems to be going well.  She hasn’t had big side effects yet and we’re a couple of weeks into that treatment.

The amazing thing is that she has had  the great courage to set aside her caps and wig and show off a very curly salt and pepper head of hair. She premiered it at our Festive Fourth Service in front of the congregation and continues to show her victory over this cancer business.  We’re very proud of her.

We’ve found a wonderful distraction in the arrival of granddaughter Nora and her parents, Kari and Matthew.  They are staying with us until they can get a place to live.  Matthew starts at Viterbo University now in July.

The rest of the family will gather for a few days at the farm where Dave’s  mother lives.  We’ll celebrate a bunch of July birthdays (among them his mother’s 98th.)  She is a blessing to all of us.

May you be well and enjoy these few weeks of summer respite.  God is good, all the time.