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On the road again

June 17, 2010

After almost 9 months of sticking close to home, Mary Jo had a chance to get away for a little while.  In May we spent a couple of days in Sioux Falls with Kjerstin, Jamie, Johnathan and Isaac. We celebrated with them the end of Mary Jo’s radiation and the end of the school year for their family.  While the radiation still leaves her fatigued, she’s able to handle the days with an afternoon nap.

Now in June, she’s been able to celebrate some birthdays with grandchildren.   First she celebrated with Nora who turned 4 and lives with her parents, Kari and Matthew near Atlanta, GA.  Then both of us were able to celebrate with Ezra who turned 2 and lives near Denver, CO with his parents, Ahna and Oren.  We also got to celebrate a birthday with our youngest daughter, Ahna plus celebrate  Oren and Ahna wedding anniversary.

It was wonderful for Mary Jo to feel well enough to travel and  for both of us to have the opportunity to be with family!  It was good for our souls and also helped Mary Jo in the healing process!  During these past 2 weeks of vacation, she  sometimes has been wearing hats instead of her wig because her hair is starting to grow back!  Yes!!

Upon her return, she took the third of her Herceptin treatments on Monday.  The treatment went without incident and she seems to tolerate them well.  We’re thankful for that.  She’ll receive these treatments every three weeks through next April.

This week will bring a decision about her hormone therapy.  She has a choice to make between a couple of different kinds of medications.  Each of them has their own side effects, so the choice in part becomes what she is willing to put up with.  That therapy continues for the next 5 years.

We are deeply grateful to be at this point on her journey.  We have been blessed with good treatments, caring medical personnel, supportive family and friends, and God’s constant presence in all of it.  Mary Jo has plans to return to teaching this fall and to a full schedule at church.We look forward to what lies ahead.