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Herceptin #2

May 19, 2010

Today was Mary Jo’s 2nd Herceptin treatment.  Given the fact that she had an allergic reaction during her first treatment in April, she thought that her oncologist would recommend pre meds to stave off that happening again.  But he said that usually if there is a reaction, it happens with the first treatment.  He wanted to try it without those pre meds and just have the nurses watch her closely. He also made the decision to give the Herceptin slowly over an hour’s time instead of the normal 30 minutes.  So she was brave and went ahead, following those recommendations.  To everyone’s delight, she did not have an allergic reaction!  We are thankful!  Hopefully tomorrow she can also avoid the other reactions that came with that first treatment.

Her radiation treatments continue.  The past 2 weeks have been more difficult because of the extreme fatigue and the soreness of the radiated skin.  She keeps in mind, though, that her last treatment is Thursday May 20th.  Then another leg of the journey will be complete.

God is good, all the time.  All the time, God is good.  He gives each of us gifts to use and enjoy.  One of those gifts for Mary Jo is music.  It is such an important part of her life so she has appreciated being able  to direct the bell choir weekly and be a worship leader with the praise band once a month this spring as she continues to fight cancer.  She looks forward to when she can be back continuing her job as music director at Our Savior’s and as the music teacher at Bangor Elementary.    Until then, we look forward to spending time this spring and summer with our family, another gift from God!

We are excited to share the great news that our daughter Kari, her husband, Matthew, and our granddaughter, Nora, will be moving from the Atlanta area to the  LaCrosse area in June!  Matthew will be a professor at Viterbo University in the servant leadership program.  He will also teach some religion classes.  We are really looking forward to having them here!!

We hope that you are all enjoying the beauty of Spring, another gift from God.  We thank and praise Him for all He has given us!

Radiation continues

May 5, 2010

Mary Jo completed her 4th week of radiation today and she also met with her radiologist.  She’s tolerating the treatments and they are going as planned.   However the side effects which are fatigue and skin irritation, are worsening and will continue to do so until she is done May 20th.  While the treatment requires an every day trip to La Crosse, the blessing is taking the back way over the ridge.  The Spring beauty is awesome! What a wonderful world God has given us.