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Taking a breather

March 27, 2010

After finishing her chemotherapy,  Mary Jo has taken a little breather to gain stamina and strength before starting her radiation treatments.  After the last chemo on March 8th, a blood test on March 15th, showed that  her blood counts have remained stable but below normal.   On March 18th she met with the radiologist.  The 29th she will return to the radiology department for a planning session for the radiation treatments  which will begin after Easter. These will be 5 days a week for  6 1/2 weeks.

She continues to deal with the side-effects of chemo (neuropathy in hands and feet, and fatigue).  She’ s getting stronger though and doing more.  She’s not back at work  yet, but she’s taking a few small steps in that direction by rehearsing the handbell group at church each Wednesday.  Even though it’s energizing for her to get back to the music again, she is not ready to take full responsibilities of her jobs at school or church.

We’re grateful for each day and the good in it.  Our youngest daughter, Ahna, and our grandson, Ezra, spent a few days with us this week.  What a joy they bring to our lives!  Their presence is always an uplifting experience!   Your continued prayers remind us of God’s  gift of family and friends.  Thank you for your ongoing support.

During this Holy Week, we are all reminded of Christ’s and our own journey to the cross.  Then on Easter we can celebrate His victory over death so that we too may live eternally!  What a gift!  Alleluia!  Christ is Risen!  Have a blessed Easter!

End of Chemo

March 9, 2010

At the end of Mary Jo’s chemotherapy yesterday, the nurses and workers in the cancer treatment center all came in the room with a certificate signed by all of them and sang their good wishes while blowing happy bubbles over her.  It was Mary Jo’s eighth and last dose of chemo. She’d been sent off that morning with a congratulations cake for breakfast which was provided by our whole family.   Kjerstin, Jamie, Johnathan and Isaac were visiting us for the weekend.    All of us, especially the boys, thought it was very special to have cake for breakfast!!  Lots of celebration!!

It’s been a 5 month journey down a road with lots of  “pot holes”  including dealing this week with the continued side effects that come with this chemical.  We are glad to be at this point in the journey.  While we wish it were the finish line, she still has 6 weeks of radiation to go and then decisions to be made about what might follow radiation.

As always we live in God’s grace, trusting God’s good promises, and looking forward to God’s future with faith and hope.  Thank you for accompanying us on this journey.

Monday labs

March 2, 2010

Mary Jo had her usual Monday blood draw yesterday.  While most of her counts remain below normal, they hadn’t dropped through the floor with the last round of chemo.  Hemoglobin had only dropped .3 and the white blood cells remained pretty level.  The result–no blood transfusion this week.  Even better result–there was time to stop at the coffee shop for a little celebration.

This was all good news after three or four difficult days of dealing with chemo side effects.  Muscle aches and joint pains, a certain amount of anxiety, numbness in feet and fingers, and a degree of sadness accompany these rounds of chemo.  I’m proud of her as she leans into those struggles and fights her way through them with pain medications, the support of our daughters’ daily calls and the continued concern and support of  other family and friends.

Next Monday will be the last of the chemo treatments (woo-hoo) and then it’s on to radiation.  God is good.  We’ve gotten this far by God’s grace.  Amazing!