Round 2

Today Mary Jo began round 2 of her chemotherapy treatment.  It wasn’t easy to go back for treatment again.  She’s had a really good week of feeling good, getting out, and getting some things done around the house.  She even was able to come to worship on Sunday morning.  The first time in three months. Yahoo!

Today’s chemotherapy used a new drug for her–Taxol.  While there still are some tough side effects, the promise is that they won’t be as difficult as what she’s gone through already.  One of the concerns as they start this drug is an allergic reaction to one of the elements that they use to deliver the drug to the body.  So they watch pretty closely when they begin the drug and provide some benedryl and steroids to ward off that reaction.  She handled it with flying colors.  Slept through part of the infusion and seems to be doing well tonight.

It’s exciting to be on the countdown to the end of chemotherapy.  This was number 5 of 8, so only 3 more.  And then 2 more.  And then 1 more.  And then…!!!!!!!!!!!  We hoping for early March.  The next treatment is scheduled in two weeks.

We continue to give thanks for good treatment, for helpful and caring medical folks, for prayers, cards (Sunday school classes and a Confirmation group have taken turns providing them), and well-wishes.  You continue to be a blessing.

5 Responses to “Round 2”

  1. Fran Noffke Says:

    That’s good news. It won’t be long now. Spring will be even sweeter this year 🙂

  2. Lynette Ender Says:

    Hurray!!! Great to hear good news! Continuing to keep you in our daily prayer.

  3. Shelley Addington Says:

    Good to hear things were better last week, normal is the goal! And also, was pleased to know only three more treatments.
    So, stay strong and know we continue to think of you and pray for good health.

  4. Cristi Johnson Says:

    So glad to get some good news ~ but perhaps no more so than you in being able to deliver it. Ü Ü We’ll pray that there are no allergic reactions to the new meds and that Mary Jo will continue a positive journey toward good health. ~ God Bless.

  5. Ilene Says:

    The choir misses you and we carry on with Kory. We’ll look toward future days of strength and health for you. I do appreciate this blog. You remain in my prayers!

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