Blood test

The blood test was better today.  While Mary Jo’s hemoglobin stays below normal, it’s above where the oncologist calls for a transfusion.  The white blood cells were  in the low normal range.  So the decision was made to keep doing what we are doing until next Tuesday when Mary Jo will get another blood test.  If that looks okay she’ll begin her second round of chemotherapy using a different drug, Taxol.  It’s supposed to have different side effects but hopefully her body will be better able to tolerate it and that this drug will have less severe effects on her blood counts.   Then we can start counting down the weeks until she’s done with chemotherapy.

In this time of great need her oncologist continues to serve in Haiti for the immediate future.  While we are glad to have him there, we also look forward to a time when he might return and pick up Mary Jo’s treatment plan again.  We keep him and others in Haiti in our prayers along with all those who are suffering much there.

One Response to “Blood test”

  1. Fran Noffke Says:

    It’s nice to start the countdown to the end of chemotherapy 🙂 We continue to pray for Mary Jo and her complete recovery. Hugs from Noffke’s

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