Oncologist in Haiti

In our last post we mentioned that our oncologist was in Haiti.  That post was before the earthquake hit.  After a couple of days of wondering, the news media here reports that the group he is with is fine.  He was supposed to return today, but this morning’s La Crosse Tribune had a picture of him and his team providing medical care for some of the earthquake victims.  So we’ll see when he  does get back.  We certainly are glad that he is already there and providing some help.

The sadder note is that a young man from our area, Ben Larson, who was studying for the ministry and the son of our former bishop, lost his life there.  He was in a building that collapsed.  His wife and cousin were with him in Haiti but they escaped physically unharmed.  We grieve for them and for Ben’s entire family.

Mary Jo seems to have tolerated this last treatment better though we’ll find out the blood counts on Monday.  It helps to have  the pneumonia out of her system.  That’s made her breathing better and maybe even given her a better appetite.  We are grateful for those small blessings.  We join our prayers with yours for the people of Haiti.

2 Responses to “Oncologist in Haiti”

  1. Cristi Johnaon Says:

    I’m not sure what prompted my visit to your blog today ~ perhaps in part because Pastor Dave’s sermon last Sunday and today particulary touched me. This is my first visit, but after reading many entries am ashamed I did not visit before. ~ With the myriad of ups and downs you’ve faced, it was so good to read that the pnemonia is gone and Mary Jo’s appetite is better. We hope this is the first of many steps up ~ no more down!

    You both are a very special blessing for all of us. Your strength, courage and faith are contagious. We’ll keep you in our prayers.

    God Bless,
    Al and Cristi Johnson

  2. Shelley Addington Says:

    So glad to hear that treatment is back on track. We will pray for fewer side-effects with the next round of chemo.

    God’s Blessings,
    The Addington’s

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