After a couple of disappointing weeks of not feeling well enough for treatment, today brought a better report.  A  Z- pack antibiotic took care of the pneumonia and her blood counts improved so  Mary Jo was able to get her fourth chemotherapy treatment today.  The dosage this time was a 20% smaller dose.  The doctors felt that with her reaction to the maximum dose, this should be effective for her.  She’s glad to be able to finish this one set of chemicals so she can begin the four Taxol treatments over the next two months.

Mary Jo’s oncologist is on a mission trip to Haiti.  We’re glad that he takes the opportunity to serve the wider world and pray God’s blessings on that work. We are also glad for the community of medical personnel who stay behind and provide a continuum of care.  It’s one of the perks of being involved with a medical institution.

Things are looking up here in 2010.  We’re grateful each day for God’s grace in our lives.

5 Responses to “#4”

  1. Lynette Ender Says:

    Wonderful to hear of good news. Praying for you daily.

    The Ender Family

  2. Ken & Gurine Eggen Says:

    Good news, you took the last treatment in a series. Hurrah!! Both of you continue in our prayers. Yesterday Gurine asked her (OSLC-Tucsonl) circle to hold you in prayer also.

  3. Fran Noffke Says:

    Great news! We continue to pray for Mary Jo’s recovery. I sure hope the 20% reduction in the dosage is easier for her to take. Hugs from our house to yours.

  4. Marilyn Gnewikow Says:

    Fantastic news. Also praying for you all , daily.
    Bob & Marilyn Gnewikow

  5. Vicky Johnson Says:

    Great – that is one step closer to being done with treatments!

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